Mandatory Admission

If you are a health care professional that is caught diverting medication or suspected of having substance use disorder, your employer is required to report you as you may be a potential threat to the public. If you are struggling with substance use disorder and do not voluntarily report yourself, you will eventually be discovered, and the consequences are most commonly quite severe. Ultimately, the board of nursing, board of pharmacy, office of the attorney general, or a similar regulatory or legal agency will mandate your admission into the program.

Additionally, when you do not voluntarily self-report to IPRP, your situation is no longer exclusively between you and IPRP. With all mandatory admissions, IPRP is required to work directly with all vested agencies, as well as your employer, to ensure transparency, public safety, compliance, and promote a successful completion of the program. Mandated admission can have a much greater impact on your career.

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Mandatory admission is not the end. Rather, it is just the beginning for IPRP to help you recover and return to your health care profession as a new and improved health care provider.
Indiana Professionals Recovery Program
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