Tracy Traut promoted to IPRP program director

Indiana Professionals Recovery Program (IPRP), provider of a monitoring program for professionals who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, announced the promotion of Tracy Traut to Program Director.

Indiana State Board of Nursing & ALJ Board Meeting Dates

2019 Full Board and Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Meeting Dates*

Two admission avenues. Very different outcomes.

Up to 15% of health care providers suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. If practicing impaired, you are a danger to your patients, your co-workers, the public, and yourself. We do not want to see this danger play out in reality for each and every party involved.

ABC57 investigation uncovered startling number of nurses stealing, abusing drugs

We trust them to take care of us and family members in the hospital, nursing homes and the doctor's office. But, ABC57 is uncovering a startling number of nurses are stealing and abusing powerful drugs while on the job.


I knew all about my craft.  And I was in total control. “I’m doing this under the safest of conditions”, was my justification.  “If I just stick with clean supplies and remember to use sterile technique then I’ll be just fine.” 

2019 IPRP Symposium

Join the Indiana Professionals Recovery Program (IPRP) at their 2019 Symposium, where you will hear from health and medical professionals on monitoring impaired health care providers, testing parameters for health care professionals in monitoring, and life after addiction.

The Growing Market For Substance Abuse Treatment

For a cool price of $2,500 you could treat yourself to an in-depth study of the Global Substance Abuse Treatment Market, a collectively ambitious effort created as a response to the growing opioid crisis among other continually rising addictions such as alcohol, nicotine and substance abuse worldwide.  

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