Two admission avenues. Very different outcomes.

Up to 15% of health care providers suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. If practicing impaired, you are a danger to your patients, your co-workers, the public, and yourself. We do not want to see this danger play out in reality for each and every party involved.

Our mission at Indiana Professionals Recovery Program (IPRP) is to protect the safety of patients and promote competent patient care with excellent health care professionals like you through proper rehabilitation, monitoring and sustained recovery.

Voluntary Admission.

If you are struggling with addiction, there is confidential help available. You are not alone. When you are proactive and voluntarily self-report your situation to IPRP , higher levels of confidentiality can be offered, which leads to little or no effect on your career path or licensing status as a nurse or pharmacist.

During voluntary admission, you will be able to remain active in your health care profession while being monitored, as long as you remain compliant in the program. Early intervention is key, and when an impaired provider voluntarily enters into this program, not only do you benefit, but your patients do as well.

In Indiana, with voluntary admission, you must sign a contract consenting to your participation in the recovery program. This is then followed by work site support, random drug testing, and an active role in continuing care. The indicators of successfully completing the program require both accountability and transparency between you and IPRP. It is our job to help you achieve wellness while also ensuring public safety. This is achieved through documented treatment and participation, established measures of performance, and by incorporating evidence-based and individualized monitoring programs.

Mandatory Admission.

If you are a nurse or pharmacist that is caught diverting medication or suspected of drug or alcohol abuse, your employer is required to report you as you may be a potential threat to the public. If you are struggling with substance use disorder and do not voluntarily report yourself, you will eventually be discovered, and the consequences are most commonly quite severe. Ultimately, the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Indiana Board of Pharmacy, office of the Indiana attorney general, or a similar regulatory or legal agency will mandate your admission into the program.

When you do not voluntarily self-report to IPRP, your situation is no longer exclusively between you and IPRP. With all mandatory admissions, IPRP is required to work directly with all vested agencies, as well as your employer, to ensure transparency, public safety, compliance, and promote a successful completion of the program. Mandated admission can have a much greater impact on your nursing or pharmaceutical career.

While we are required to report monitoring information for mandated admissions to the governing bodies of Indiana, nurses or pharmacists entering IPRP on a voluntary basis have complete confidentiality. 

At IPRP, our caring and compassionate team can walk you through the entire process and will clearly lay out expectations, so you understand exactly what you need to do to get well and keep the career you love.

Wednesday, 03 July 2019 17:09

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