If you are a pharmacist who is struggling, you are not alone! In fact, the Pharmacy Practice News estimates that 1 in 10 pharmacists are currently engaged in active drug or alcohol use and addiction. Being impaired can feel isolating, overwhelming, and hopeless, but there is hope.

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Pharmacists who successfully complete our program:

  • Can resume working as a pharmacist
  • Can participate in the treatment process confidentially (However, you must complete the program)
  • Are surrounded by the support and encouragement needed to recover
  • Leave with skills to return to work and remain abstinent from substance use

Did you know that substance use disorder (SUD) is the most serious illness to afflict pharmacists in their first 15 years of practice?

You can recover.

Pharmacists navigate multiple hazards in the workplace including easy access to controlled substances, lack of addiction education related to pharmacists and healthcare workers, as well as the overall stress of the job. These unique challenges make substance use disorders an all-too-common occurrence. However, programs like IPRP allow you to get the help you need and continue working as a pharmacist. In fact, pharmacists who receive effective treatment, monitoring, and aftercare are often extremely successful in recovery, with a recovery rate of 87%, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

Delaying recovery will negatively impact your friends, family, and loved ones, and can potentially affect your future employment. Our team of caring professionals have years of experience, both personal and professional, in helping pharmacists who have substance use disorders. We are here to provide support, hold you accountable, and see you return to your career successfully. We care about you and are here to help.

Keep the Career You Love

A voluntary admission can potentially save your career and protect your confidentiality. Learn more about the benefits here.

If you are feeling any hesitation, please contact us today. Your phone call is completely confidential.

Indiana Professionals Recovery Program
If you suspect a co-worker is impaired, or you are struggling
with substance use disorder, reach out today.